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Parental guardianship

Introduction to Parent Monitoring Project:

The "Online Game Parental Guardianship Project" is a social public welfare activity guided by the Ministry of Culture of the People's Republic of China, aimed at strengthening parents' supervision of minors' participation in online games, guiding them to participate in online games in a healthy and green manner, and promoting harmonious family relationships. It provides a practical and feasible method, a channel for parents to implement monitoring, making it possible for parents to correct the behavior of some underage children who are addicted to games. This social welfare action fully reflects the high sense of social responsibility in the Chinese online gaming industry, the concern for the legitimate rights and interests of underage players, and the desire to use practical actions to create a harmonious society

Tips for Healthy Participation of Minors in Online Games

With the popularization of the internet among teenagers, it has become a common phenomenon for minors to engage in online games. In order to protect the health of minors participating in games, parents should also strengthen supervision and guidance on the premise of further strengthening industry management by the government. To this end, we provide the following suggestions for minors to participate in online games: 1. Actively control game time. Games are just adjustments for learning and life. It is important to actively participate in various offline activities and let parents understand their behavior and experience in online games. 2、 Not participating in game settings that may take a lot of time. Do not play large-scale role-playing games or games with PK settings. Students in school should play games for no more than 2 hours per week and spend no more than 10 yuan per month on games. 3、 Don't treat games as spiritual sustenance. Especially when encountering pressure and setbacks in real life, it is important to communicate and confide in family and friends more than relying solely on games to relieve stress. 4、 Develop a positive and healthy gaming mindset. Overcome the mentality of comparison, showing off, hatred, and retaliation, and avoid forming negative online behavior habits such as bullying and robbing others. 5、 Pay attention to protecting personal information. Including personal family and friend identity information, home, school, work address, phone number, etc., to prevent network traps and cybercrime

Parent guardianship project application process:

Parent monitoring progress query

If you have already applied for parental guardianship services, you can check with our online clients to learn about the latest processing progress of the service application you submitted, such as whether the fax has been received, whether follow-up information needs to be submitted, and whether the account has been processed. During the service period, if you have any questions about the information or processing results that need to be submitted, or any other questions, you can contact us at any time. We will have a dedicated customer service supervisor provide you with consultation and answer services, or cooperate and guide you in solving the problem

Common issues with parental guardianship engineering:

Q1: When do I need to apply for this service

If the guardian discovers that the ward is addicted to online games on the 926G mobile game website, the guardian can apply to the 926G mobile game website to initiate a parental guardianship mechanism for minors

Q2: What documents need to be submitted when applying for this service? How to submit it

The applicant is required to submit the "925G Mobile Game Network Minor User Parent Monitoring Service Application Form" and the attachments mentioned in it to our company by mail, including:

Attachment 1: Applicant's ID card or household registration book (copy)

Attachment 2: ID card or household registration book of the respondent (copy)

Attachment 3: Proof of Custody Legal Relationship between the Applicant and the Respondent (Original)

When filling out the "926G Mobile Game Network Minor User Parent Monitoring Service Application Form," please provide as detailed and authentic player information as possible for the determination of account ownership

Q3: Where can I fax or send the relevant information

Please mail the relevant information to: (Please write the words "Parent Monitoring Service Application Form" on the surface of the envelope)



Postal Code: 430000

Q4: What is the subsequent processing process after submitting the materials

After you submit the relevant application materials, our customer service personnel will process your application as soon as possible according to the guardianship application process. During the processing, it may be necessary to conduct phone follow-up visits to the guardians and the ward for information judgment. We hope for your cooperation

Q5: How long does it take to determine account ownership

After determining the completeness of the application materials, our company will contact the suspected account owner and inform them that they will carry out relevant operations on their account according to the guardian's requirements within 15 natural days. We will also require the suspected account owner to provide identity materials so that our company can determine their guardianship relationship with the guardian

If the suspected account owner is unable to provide valid identity proof or fails to provide it within 15 natural days, it will be assumed that the suspected account owner matches the identity of the guardian. Our company will incorporate their game account into the anti addiction system according to the guardian's application requirements

If the identity certificate provided by the suspected account owner within 15 natural days matches the guardian, our company will incorporate their game account into the anti addiction system according to the guardian's application requirements

If the identity certificate provided by the suspected account owner within 15 natural days does not match the guardian, our company cannot determine their identity relationship with the guardian. In this case, in order to ensure the security of the user's game account, our company will notify the guardian to issue an account retrieval assistance certificate through the public security organs. Our company will assist the guardian in retrieving the game account before proceeding with subsequent operations

Q6: What if there is any doubt about the account ownership or if the account is subject to malicious anti addiction restrictions

You need to provide a copy of your ID card within 15 natural days after receiving the notice, and send or fax it to our company at the following address. If our company does not receive a copy of your ID card within 15 natural days, we will include your account in the parent monitoring system

Note 1: Please indicate your signature and phone number on the copy of your ID card

Note 2: Please note that our company does not charge any fees for providing this service to avoid being deceived