It’s really here. “The Division 2” national server will be officially launched on November 29th.

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On November 13, the official account of "The Division 2" and the official Ubisoft game account successively released announcements, officially announcing the launch date of the national server of "The Division 2": November 29.

After multiple rounds of testing, this AAA-level open-world cooperative survival shooting game is finally ready to be released to the public. It can be seen from the news released on the official website and official video content that Tencent Games and Ubisoft have not only spent a lot of thought on the localization of their products, but also continue to work hard to optimize and improve the quality of the game.

There is no doubt that the basic game quality of The Division 2 is very durable among many PC games. Whether it is the game picture quality, music quality or characteristic game scene design, it all shows the ingenuity of traditional major manufacturers. It is a solid game. Really true 3A.

In a video blogger's interview with the national server planner, the national server team revealed that the development schedule for game content has been scheduled for two years. It seems that the national server is ready for long-term operations and meets players with full sincerity. . With the support of Ubisoft's strong R&D team and Tencent Games' renowned game operation services, I believe "The Division 2" will bring a better experience to Chinese server players.


In addition, the game’s official website has launched a reservation event for the national server. During the event, players who complete reservations and other tasks will receive a full set of panda-themed fashion including clothing, weapon spray paint, backpack accessories, etc. for free. From the "Exclusive" label, we can infer that this is an appearance content specially customized for Chinese server players. It has regional characteristics but does not destroy the original atmosphere of the game. We can't help but start to look forward to what surprises the Chinese server will launch for Chinese server players in the future. content.

"The Division 2" game introduction:

The rally signal has been sent, agents, please be ready!


A vast open world where the battle never stops

In "The Division 2", players can freely explore two large cities, August District and Abel City. In the process of exploration, you never know whether a heavy rain, a lost deer or a fully armed enemy team is waiting for you around the next corner. Players can freely choose whether to help friendly survivors occupy resource points, end enemy propaganda broadcasts, or shuttle through high-rise buildings and avoid all interference and go straight to the mission goal.


Choose your own weapons and equipment, and match your skills as you like

In the game, players can create their own fighting style by matching skills, expertise, weapons and equipment. Each player prefers different combat ideas, and the combat methods will also change accordingly. Whether you prefer firepower output, resisting damage and attracting monsters, or supporting friends, you can find your own exclusive gameplay here.


Cooperative strategy copy, division of labor to solve problems

Whether in a dungeon or in the open world, when encountering a crisis situation, players can call for support with one click and call other players across the map to come for reinforcements. During the game, players can also freely form teams to conquer more difficult dungeons and challenge more powerful enemies, thereby obtaining more weapons and equipment of higher quality. In a team, players can freely divide and coordinate tasks, and the path to victory will never be limited by formulas.

Fight against powerful intelligent enemies with unified combat power and strategies


Unlike other shooting games, enemies in "The Division 2" will not only use tactics to outflank and besiege players, but will also choose different fighting methods based on the player's current status. Each gang has a variety of enemies who will work together until they take down the agent. Only agents who are both brave and cunning can successfully complete the mission, so please be extra careful!

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