Sword of Plunder: Shadow Continent review: It can be called a low-end version of Lao Gun

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Plunder Sword is a European and American fantasy-style role-playing game that can switch between first-person and third-person. If the guards discover the theft, they will be arrested and imprisoned. In battle, you can enchant weapons, pick the locks of other people's doors, and use magic to knock people away. From this point of view, isn't this just a gangster? First is the prologue, which directly tells the story of the final war between elves and humans. The player plays a member of the human soldiers and fights against the elves' attack with his comrades.


The tutorial will first teach players the basic operations, including switching characters, slashing with a sword, blocking with a shield, and using dodge actions, and then they will follow their teammates to slash randomly without any explanation. The ones wearing red armor are hostile elf soldiers. At the same time, while hacking, I discovered that the experience value system of the game is the same as that of Lao Gun 5. If you do a certain thing too much, you will be rewarded with proficiency, and if you reach a certain proficiency, you will be rewarded with skills. point. For example, if you keep using a shield to block enemy attacks, your blocking proficiency will increase, and you will gain skill points and experience.


Cut all the way to the bottom of the level and a giant beast appears. It looks quite oppressive from the first-person perspective, but in fact the battle process between the two sides is basically standing on top of each other, which perfectly explains what real-time action and turn-based combat are. experience.

Along with the earth-shattering cutscene, the narration tells us that all the elves and humans who participated in this battle died, but only one person survived for some reason, and that person is the soldier played by the player. The prologue ends here.


Although the protagonist's face is invisible for most of the game, there is still a symbolic face-pinching system. But to be honest, the face-pinching aspect is quite comprehensive. Everything from hairstyle and skin color to nose and mouth can be customized. , you can even make a low-quality Geralt if you want.

Then we woke up in a hut, and the NPC who rescued the protagonist didn't say anything meaningful, but simply asked us to go meet another person outside the house. Here you can take away most of the items in the room without restraint, such as food and some weapons and equipment, just like Lao Gun.


Talk to another NPC. It said that after the great battle, both humans and elves suffered heavy casualties. There might be some conspiracy behind it, because both armies suddenly evaporated, leaving only the protagonist alive. After that, he sent them away. After buying a set of equipment and two hundred and fifty yuan, let's go to the city to buy some things. After buying the necessities, we can talk about the rest.

The towns are well-made and large in scale. Most houses can be entered directly, and all passers-by can talk and communicate. They can even easily do things that Lao Gun 5 cannot do. However, the NPCs here are invincible and cannot be hurt. Shooting arrows at them will go directly through them, and the other party will pretend not to see them. After purchasing the required items, go back and talk to the NPC to start a fantasy adventure to solve the mystery of the war.

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