Unreal 2 Awakening Review: Collect artifact fragments and gradually unravel the conspiracy

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The background setting of the story of Unreal 2's Awakening is a bit like the cosmic version of the Age of Discovery. Countless forces and camps are developing livable planets in the universe, which is simply called interstellar colonies. The story of this game will revolve around those scattered in the universe. The fragments of the artifact unfolded. According to legend, there are seven artifact fragments left by ancient civilizations in the universe. Each piece has a different magical effect. Collecting the seven fragments can unlock the power behind the artifact. It sounds a bit cliché.


Our protagonist is a former Marine who belongs to a human interstellar colonial organization. He was demoted to a space patrol for disobeying orders. Although the name is called a space patrol, it sounds like it is an amazing profession, but In fact, it is a kind of sinecure. The main job content is to drive a spaceship to inspect some remote colonies of humans in the universe.


The prologue opens with the protagonist talking to his commander. The content of the conversation is probably that his application for reinstatement failed again. Then the commander immediately gave the protagonist a new patrol mission and asked him to execute it quickly. After the conversation, players can move around freely and visit the base facilities. This base is built on a planet similar to the Earth and can be understood as a human outpost or military base in the universe.


Before officially executing the mission, we can participate in a training course at the base, which is a task such as teaching novices. Take the elevator to the underground, and there will be an officer who will give us a detailed tutorial. For example, all combatants will have a set of combat armor. The effect is almost the same as the low-end version of the nano-biochemical suit in Crysis. Although it is not as strong as the nano-suit, it is still effective. Humanity's combat capabilities have improved a lot.

For example, it can provide a rechargeable shield to withstand damage caused by some bullets and artillery fire, as well as improve human beings' adaptability to different planetary environments, etc. Next, the officer will take us to test various firearms. There are a lot of weapons available in Unreal 2, and each gun has two different shooting modes, which is more in line with its sci-fi background setting.


End the novice tutorial and leave the base to prepare for patrol missions. The protagonist has a spaceship of his own and three men. Ada will explain to us the objectives of this mission. An uninhabited planet is undergoing mining development, and just a few hours ago, the headquarters received a distress signal from the planet, saying that it was attacked by unknown aliens.


The goal this time is to rescue trapped people and eliminate hostile alien creatures. Ada will use holograms to show us the topography of the mission location and plan a reasonable route. When ready, we can take our own landing ship and go there. Perform the first mission.

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