Gravity Reversal Review: Restoring Earth’s Gravity Helps Survivors Return Home

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Gravity Reversal tells a seemingly grand and complex story full of twists and turns but is very ordinary in appearance. The game graphics are pretty good and there are many visually stunning scenes. It received a barely passing score of five to six points from various media outlets that year. point. The most mentioned points are that the process is boring and the plot details are unclear. However, after playing it and sorting out the plot, I found that the plot setting and story structure are actually quite good, but the narrative flow and character dialogue are indeed a bit confusing. But in addition to chaos, there are also all kinds of unexpected and shocking reversals.


The background of the story takes place in a fictional city called Pioneer City. The player controls the protagonist named Davis, who is a local policeman. He has a work partner named Leo, and the two have a very good relationship. Davis has a smooth job and a happy family, and lives a contented life.

One day, he was preparing to go home to celebrate his wife's birthday, but strange things happened frequently on the way home. A car drove in the opposite direction in the tunnel and almost caused an accident. His partner Leo thought that he should chase the car and give it a ticket, but Davis thought not. If necessary, just report it to the headquarters, so I continued driving home.

After exiting the tunnel, they discovered that the outside was already in chaos. A series of car accidents and chaotic crowds successfully disabled Davis' car. The two men immediately drew their guns and stepped forward to find out the situation. At this time, news came from the intercom in the car that an attack had occurred across the city. A kind of tall human beings appeared on the street. Their weapons and equipment were full of paintings that came from the wasteland.


After a firefight, the two defeated the unknown human who appeared. At this time, a strange phenomenon occurred on the street. Some objects actually floated as if they had lost gravity. As they carefully observed this phenomenon, the road next to them suddenly exploded, destroying the entire road like an earthquake.

However, it was not an earthquake. The fragments of the road were also floating in the air, as if they were being pulled by gravity. Next, you need to control Davis to fight all the way back to his home, and his partner Leo will fight side by side with the player until the game is cleared. There will be many puzzles and difficulties along the way that require the cooperation of two people to complete. This is also a major feature of the game. The player has a teammate controlled by the computer throughout the process. He can hide in bunkers, dodge, and use skills. When encountering difficulties, he will Instructing players on what to do can be said to be a nanny-level role that accompanies players through the game.


The two finally managed to get into the apartment, but the place had already been occupied by the enemy. They fought fiercely in the corridors and indoors. It can be seen that a lot of scene destruction effects have been done here, and the visual experience is very good. In the end, Davis returned home, but unfortunately found that his wife had died. Davis, immersed in great grief, did not pay attention to the enemies appearing around him.

The good partner Leo ignored all his efforts to protect himself, and eventually the enemy shattered the ceiling. The gravel knocked the two of them unconscious. When they woke up, they were captured by the enemy, and a journey of revenge and saving the fate of mankind began.

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