Black and White 2 review: Playing with a degree of freedom

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In a chaos of only black and white, with the universe as the background, it tells the story of the birth of gods. A cry for help and prayer from a distant planet caught the attention of the gods, so following the cry for help, we came to a certain piece of land on this planet. At this time, two flying little people appear in front of the screen. They are part of your heart, representing good and evil respectively. Or they can also be understood as your two subordinates. Their mission is to help the long-sleeping people. You get to know how to play the role of god well.


The camera moves to a hill with stone statues. There are four mythical beasts here. Each god will have a mythical beast as his agent in the mortal world. Since these four mythical beasts are still in their infancy, they look stupid in appearance. Cute and silly, we can choose any one.


Next is a tutorial on how to control the screen. The hand in the middle of the screen is equivalent to the player, which is the embodiment of the god in the game in the mortal world. For example, you can move the lens arbitrarily by grabbing the ground with your hands, and you can also rotate the viewing angle by using your fingers as a fulcrum. There is a palm floating on the screen. I have to say that it may seem strange at first glance, but if you think about it carefully, you will find it very interesting. It gives players the feeling of controlling everything on the planet with their hands, which is perfectly in line with the game of playing gods. settings, increasing the sense of substitution.


The camera comes to a hut in the wild, where you will be taught how to control the behavior of villagers. We can grab any villager by hand and assign tasks to them. For example, if you catch them and put them on the farmland, they will think that they have been guided by God and God asked them to become farmers, so they will work hard in the fields.

In terms of setting, humans in this world cannot see the invisible hand of the player. From their perspective, it is that they have been transferred to the farmland by an uncontrollable force. Similarly, place a villager near a forest and it will become a lumberjack, and place it on a building foundation and it will become a construction worker.


Of course, it’s okay to ignore them. Villagers have their own behaviors and habits, and they will do all kinds of work and develop their own villages. It doesn’t mean that they can’t do anything without God’s guidance. There is only one thing that requires God's intervention, and that is the reproduction between villagers. Just grab a villager at random and put it together with another villager to complete the pairing.


Matched villagers will immediately hit it off and give birth to new villagers. Degree of freedom is the most distinctive label of Black and White 2, so it stands to reason that players, as gods in the universe, can do whatever they want. If you lift a giant stone statue and accidentally kill the villagers below, you will naturally not be punished. Only the skull logo floats on the screen and the village population is reduced by one on the statistics panel.

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