Makino's Song review: Relaxed and casual gameplay with lots of creative ideas

source:66apkshop author:nameless Update time:2023-12-12 14:25:20

The background of Makino's Song is a bit like a fairy tale. As a hero who saves the world, of course he will farm after retirement. At the beginning, you can choose two different talents, one is better at fishing or better at farming. You can pinch people in the game, and the overall style is relatively cartoonish. When you come to the town and get on the Zhuzhu Bus, your working days officially begin. Naturally, the farming methods include farming, flowers, chickens, and cattle, logging, mining, fishing, cooking, manufacturing, dressing up, and haircuts. Through labor, you will upgrade your skills and gain more. Physical points and so on.


In addition to doing it yourself, you can also hire NPCs to help cut trees, mine and fish. It is estimated that as the game progresses, you can completely enter the capitalist mode. The crops grown in the fields are super large and mutate. The gold crops are sold at ten times the price, which is a huge profit. In breeding, you can take the animals home directly from the wild, and you can also make their own feed. It is only a matter of time before the animal stores here go bankrupt.


When fishing, you can see different rarities from the fish shadows. There are QTEs but it is not difficult. In addition to making various furniture, there are also cute and practical tools such as carrot hammers. However, logging and mining are still the same as in the demo. They fly far away, as if they are not controlled by the earth's gravity. Sometimes you need to run to pick them up. all.

There will be markets on Saturdays and Sundays. In addition to buying special products, it seems that villagers can also be recruited to stay later. In the game, you can upgrade tools, houses, and other buildings in the town. The entire land outside the city and even the other side of the river are your own assets. You are worthy of being a retired hero. You are really a hero.


The game has many features or convenient little details. You can make bamboo dragonflies fly, spend a piece of wood to see the novelty, there will be treasure chests waiting for us to open in strange places, and the amusement park gameplay will be opened in the future, and there will be mini games. There is more specialty furniture. It will tilt around if you put small things in it, and you can often see reflections in the sun, etc.

In addition, the game is a seamless large map. Except for going to the mines, there is no need to read the map when entering any house in the village. There is no link to read the map even when sleeping. It is a bit amazing and the whole experience is very smooth.

When it comes to NPCs, many of the characters are a bit strange. There are almost no traditional template characters. They all have a little quirky feel. For example, the dialogue casually says that people who engage in construction are builders, which is also a bit of a joke.

The lady selling the cuckoo bird is actually the talking bird, and she also lays bird eggs for her good friends to eat. This is really a blessing and respect.


The owner of the cow seller is a real connoisseur. When doing tasks, he will ask you whether you want a smile or milk, and whether you want to draw a cake or not. He also has a side business selling blind boxes on weekends.

The fishing guy is a little greasy, and he always talks about earthy love words, but he seems to have a secret crush on a certain girl in his heart. In comparison, the twin-tailed lolita in the grocery store is just a master fisherman who loves to show off, and she is really a normal person.

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