Goblin Legend review: The painting style is cute, the gameplay is unique and some ingenuity

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To enter Goblin Legend, you must first select your faith, which is buff. Through the story mode, you can call it the background story of the Goblin village, or you can directly enter the pantheon and choose the four gods worshiped by this game. Each of the eight gods has unique buffs, and how they are matched in the game is quite important. Next is the familiar map generation process. Choose a piece of the random survival map as the birth point, and the rest are plots that can be explored and plundered later. Although it is a hexagon, it is not a 4X strategy similar to civilization, but It is mainly a city building game similar to City of Exile.


The last step is to select the citizens of the city. Goblins will have three different attribute points: war, trade, and faith. In addition, they will also have various characteristics. Those who run quickly are more capable of working, or those who have a bad temper and like to be lazy. Sleeping in various ways. One of the most important things is the choice of the leader. The offspring in the game can only be reproduced by the leader and the harem, and will inherit the characteristics of their parents with a probability. Generally, goblins will die at the age of thirty-five and cannot work, but the leader will never die of old age. .


The fewer citizens you choose, the more starting resources you have. However, you can only have one baby per year at the beginning, and by the end of the game, you can only have three babies per year at most. It is better to choose more people. The game does not have strict victory or defeat conditions. The only requirement is that the king cannot be killed, otherwise it will still end.


The official start of the game is of course a very familiar three steps: choose a base, build a warehouse, and start logging. The game has a novice tutorial, which is recommended if you play it for the first time. The buildings are divided into villages, and trade includes more than 30 types of production, faith, and war.


In addition to collecting buildings, most of them must be built within the village and gradually expand the village's territory. Some buildings can also be upgraded. The painting style is relatively primitive. There is no grid and can be placed freely. If the buildings are placed close to each other, bridges and planks will be automatically built. Roads cannot be built. However, there are settings for underground caves. You can quickly travel through the entrances and exits. There is a certain plan.

There are more than 30 kinds of resources. As the game progresses, villager Brin will have more needs, such as food ranging from the fruits he eats at the beginning, to the frogs collected in the collection hut, to the meat from pig slaughtering, and the secondary processed beer and wine. , combat units will start to need weapons, winter will start to need clothes, etc.


The overall process is relatively step-by-step and not complicated. After all, we are just goblins and have no concept of a technology tree. However, there is still a degree of happiness. You can directly check the demand situation through the panel. When the demand is not met, the mood index will lower and start fishing, or even riot and kill each other.

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