Cosmic Burger King review: Open a burger restaurant in outer space to benefit the universe

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The theme of Burger King in the Universe is to open a burger shop to take care of aliens. Bread and side dishes are purchased at the base every night, and the most important meat has to be purchased by yourself. But the story is not that simple. The secret recipe of the burger is the customer himself. Therefore, in the process of operating the restaurant, making delicious burgers is only superficial, and destroying a large number of aliens is the main business. During the day, you need to carefully observe the situation in the restaurant while making burgers, find lone customers and use them as ingredients for the next burger. During the night, players need to find time to upgrade kitchen tools and traps, purchase supplies, and cook secret sauces.


However, interstellar managers are not just zombies. If they discover your suspicious behavior, players need to make a decision in time whether to move the flying restaurant to other planets or give a little bribe.

In addition to ordering, aliens will also visit the toilet, smoke, watch art performances, play mini games, etc. Traditional physical methods of killing customers or small traps using various entertainment facilities can reduce repeat customers to obtain more ingredients. However, if the traces on the body are not taken care of properly or the ingredients are seen by others, it will trigger an alarm or even attract people. Alien police.


In the future, trap automation, remote control or induction triggering can be used to accelerate light-speed food recovery, which is very worry-free. Making burgers is a traditional time management cooking game. In the initial stage, the facilities will be damaged all the time, and you have to repair them quickly. Later, you can upgrade them, and they will almost no longer be damaged, and the barbecue will not burn.

The mechanism is not complicated, but there are quite a lot of actual changes and details. You have to pay off your debt in time. If the debt is overdue, violent alien debt collectors will come to beat you. There are specific buffs every day. For example, a thief will not only steal things but also To attract the attention of the police, the meteorite will not only injure you but also kill aliens and make you take the blame, etc. How you respond depends on your performance.

Completing missions can unlock more planets, and there will be more types of aliens with different appearances, various skills, immunity to broadswords or specific traps, and food preferences.


The game is played like a meat pigeon, and the bonus will be sent back to the novice village after death. However, there are still two tricks. One is to return to the main menu at the speed of light, and the other is to copy the save file. You can go back in time and start over at any time.


The unique dark style painting style and music are also very matching. There will be short stories about comic aliens. It supports handles and keyboards, and the adaptation is pretty good. Overall, it does not belong to the traditional management category, but is more of a light strategy and leisure operation. , reaction, strategy, and rp are all needed. To relieve stress, you can choose to become the God of War in Shilipo. For beginners, you can spend more than ten hours on the first level without thinking. To treat hypotension, you can explore hard and strive to open the map to challenge the golden character of Ninety-nine Days.

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