Machinarium mobile game review: A puzzle game with built-in adventure elements

source:66apkshop author:nameless Update time:2023-12-12 18:20:56

Steam, punk, machinery, 2D hand-painted, many terms are listed, and the picture of Machinarium naturally comes to mind. It is such a classic and brain-burning puzzle game that has captured the hearts of players all over the world. Fourteen years ago, Machinarium won the Visual Arts Award at the American Independent Games Festival. Today, fourteen years later, Machinarium is still a human memory of a generation.

With the development of technology, the game has been ported to different mobile platforms for mobile players to play. The developer of the Machinarium game is the independent game studio Amanita Design. Although it is called an adventure game, its core is still puzzle-solving.

It is similar to the game design of the exploration and puzzle game "INSIDE". The story line of Machinarium is buried in various levels, but it contains the concept of traditional escape rooms. As a pure click puzzle game, the design of the game UI is very critical. Some click puzzle games can easily give players a sense of rejection due to their monotonous operations and boring plots.

In comparison, Machinarium, like most mature puzzle games, changes gestures when the mouse moves over a special item, preventing players from wasting a lot of time and energy clicking on complicated scenes.

The game difficulty of Machinarium is quite hardcore. Different from ordinary casual point-and-click puzzle games, this is not the kind of game that has zero threshold and can be picked up in one second. Instead, it is full of details. The game maintains text-free scene puzzles while maintaining attention to detail.

Like many similar games, you will collect a lot of items on the way to decipher the puzzle, and the protagonist in Machinarium will eat the parts, which is an interesting little detail.

However, judging from the overall reviews of the game, user reviews of Machinarium are somewhat polarized. Some players believe that the overall game process does not feel enjoyable, but boring and uncomfortable.

It is very easy to get stuck during the game. Although the game is equipped with a prompt system, in fact its effect is minimal and cannot be counted as a prompt in the strict sense.

Although this allows players to take initiative, the difficulty increase curve during the game increases too much, which in turn discourages players. Despite its minor issues, Machinarium is still worth playing. Whether it is the visual style of the game or the appropriate soundtrack in the game, they are both of the highest quality.

All in all, Machinarium is a must-play game for fans of point-and-click puzzles. Some players will be persuaded to quit due to the difficulty of the game itself, but these can be gradually resolved during the game. Persevere and enjoy the process of solving puzzles, enjoy the shock brought by the steampunk style, enjoy the coldness and grace of the game's soundtrack, and enjoy the ultimate emotional experience brought to you by the game's plot. You will return from the world of Machinarium with a full load.

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